Helping one of our own

Hello What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia family, Kristin here. I haven’t posted in a while (that’s normal), but I’m writing you today to ask for help if you can spare it. One of my frequent collaborators, Brett (of, most notably, Yoga Episode fame) is struggling right now. You can read more of the story on the GoFundMe site and if you have a little to spare, it would help out a lot. Thank you in advance, Internet Family!


Episode 50: FRIENDS

Wow. Once again, it only took me half a year to get a new episode edited. Just in time for the end of 2016! This episode is so appropriate for several reasons: 1) I’ve spent more than half a year working on a project about Friends (1994-2004) in my PhD program and 2) It’s our 50th episode! The milestone deserved a celebration of What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia’s journey. If I keep up this pace, you can look forward to our 100th episode in another 3 years!


Episode 48: ALIENS

So we took a short (uh, 5 month) hiatus due to moving and grad school. This is the last video that we shot in Minneapolis on our black Ikea couch (don’t worry, it went to a good home). I’m not entirely sure how often we’ll be putting out episodes now, but hopefully it won’t take us another 5 months!

In this episode, watch as Reinhardt transforms into Giorgio Tsoukalos (aka the Ancient Aliens guy) , and we discuss some alien-related topics. Enjoy!

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