Episode 1 is Live!

So much to say about our debut episode. We started with one hour and seven minutes of footage and cut it down to four minutes and twenty seconds. Obviously, a lot of great stuff got axed: Magic Eye posters, James Franco, Hot Topic vs. Kohl’s, Star Trek, Jenna Marbles… we wanted to say a little more about the stuff that did make it into the episode this week as well as a few things we had to cut out:

The Remote Control: Look, we know remotes don’t use lasers. We found out they use infrared light. There was a clip that got cut where Kristin said “they use Bluetooth or some shit,” which might actually be true now. Also, Lawrence Welch is Lawrence Welk. Sorry, Lawrence.

Sophia Grace and Rosie: While these little girls are, indeed, adorable, there’s something kind of disturbing about parents who pimp their kids out by putting them in music videos with hot pink toy Cadillacs. Also if we were Rosie’s Dance Moms we’d be really pissed that our kid wasn’t getting as much screen time.

Stuff You Missed:

Magic Eye: Shit we love Magic Eye. We basically love anything from the nineties. We had a spirited discussion wondering if M.E. were as dedicated to seascapes as we remembered, or if there were other scapes they liked. Says Sally: my prevailing image of a Magic Eye poster is of a giant sea turtle. Also I used to walk around the summer after 4th grade with my eyes crossed, trying to turn the whole world into a Magic Eye. Kristin, on the other hand, could never see them and was always deeply disappointed on her visits to Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters, MO. But oh well, at least Hot Topic was there for her to ogle giant pants and boxes of Manic Panic.

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