Death by Cheese


Here’s the thing. Eating fondue is always a good idea. Whenever we indulge we’re reminded of our baby bird/dinosaur ancestors, who also loved to get mushed up warm things dropped into their mouths.

But according to a recent study by the folks at REDACTED, one in one hundred people will die of a freak fondue accident this year. We here at WDYLUOW can vouch for that. And you can too, by taking a look at Sally’s face in the above photograph.

Do you see that terror?

That’s what happens when you bite off more than you can chew. And by ‘chew’ we mean, squish around in your mouth.

Interested in making your own death cheese? We used this recipe, except without the kirsch, because kirsch has been known to kill one in fifty people per year AND THERE’S ONLY SO MUCH DANGER WE CAN TAKE.

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