Episode 4: The Bling Ring, Gwen Stefani & Neuticles

Episode 4 is kind of a shorty in terms of the number of things discussed, but we hope you enjoy this bourbon-fueled discussion:

The Bling Ring – We went to see this movie during a power outage in Minneapolis when neither of our houses had power, but the movie theater did. It’s a ridiculous movie, made more ridiculous by the fact that it’s more true than most movies based on true stories.

Harajuku Girls/Gwen Stefani – Kristin first heard about this whole thing where the Harajuku Girls were contractually obligated to speak Japanese from Minneapolis poet Bao Phi. While Wikipedia does not confirm or deny this, it does mention that much criticism has been directed towards Stefani’s use of her Harajuku Entourage.

Neuticles – Kristin first heard about Neuticles from her friend Lynsey, a professional dog trainer in St. Charles County, MO. And if you’re wondering who the hell is implanting their dogs (and cats!) with fake testicles, well the answer is the Kardashians are!

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