Behind the Music: Louchie Lou & Michie One

Hi everyone, Kristin here! Ever since I learned the basics of editing video from the fine folks at Fire Escape Films, one of my favorite parts has been to add the musical soundtrack. The nature of What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? does not really call for too much soundtrack work, but I always like to add in a little something-something at the beginning or end, preferably something that goes with a theme in the video.

Now, doing this for a YouTube series can be tricky since you don’t want your music to be muted by a copyright infringement claim. It’s been fun for me to search for the music I want (mainly covers of stuff I want to use but can’t) and download them for videos. I can give lesser known musicians a little exposure and (hopefully) not get sued.

In Episode 4  Sally and I talked a lot about Gwen Stefani and sung some bars from Rich Girl. I didn’t actually know until I started looking for a cover of the song that a British reggae duo called Louchie Lou and Michie One were the originators of this song, which itself is already a parody of If I Were a Rich Man from Fiddler on the Roof. Their version of Rich Girl was a single in 1994, ten years before Stefani’s.

I highly recommend that you listen to the song in its entirety. I have to say that I think I like it better than Stefani’s version.

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