Episode 5: Chicago Style

What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? was all over the place this week. Sally is at the Anderson Center, working on her novel and Kristin was galavanting in Iowa City and Chicago. So we tried our hand with an episode on the road, with a guest host filling in for Sally.

About our guest host: Peter Jurmu is the incoming editor-in-chief at Artifice in Chicago. He was introduced to Kristin by fellow poet Carrie Lorig who said, “Peter’s always sending me stuff he looked up on Wikipedia.” Well, that was endorsement enough for us. Kristin picked up a 6 pack of Anti-Hero IPA, which she calls “Hulk Beer” because of the green fist on the can and went to Peter’s apartment in Logan Square.

Do you want to be a guest host or just a guest on our series? If you live in the Twin Cities, or might be passing through, send us an e-mail at whatdidyoulookup (at) gmail. You can also just send us awesome things you looked up, and we might talk about it in an episode! And stayed tuned this week for more info about the things in this episode!

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