90s detour: The Fear Street Series by R.L. Stine

Hello from Iowa City, home of Rusty the Giant Sloth! Sally has been diligently posting awesome things in my (Kristin’s) absence even though she’s supposed to be writing a novel. Anyways. As you know from everything we’ve ever said, we love the 90s. In Episode 2, we talked about the Baby-Sitters Club, which we consumed as tweens, discovering only later how weird its racial descriptions were.

Well, as I lay on a ‘beach’ in Iowa City with my Kindle, I was reminded of another book series I used to consume: R.L. Stine‘s Fear Street series. Goosebumps was probably Stine’s most famous series, but Fear Street was horror for teenagers and young adults. It had serious gore and  make-out scenes. One particular scene that I remember to this day is one in which a girl sticks her hand down the garbage disposal and not to spoil it for you, but it ended up being a poor decision on her part.

Spoiler alert: She’s a ghost. A hot ghost.

Stine’s Wikipedia page doesn’t have too much information. I was really expecting that, like Ann M. Martin, some of his books would be ghostwritten, perhaps by actual ghosts. Wikipedia has no mention of such a thing, which leads me to the conclusion that R.L. Stine must have cloned himself, because he has literally written hundreds of books.


Outtake: Amanda Bynes

You wouldn’t know it from watching our full episodes, but we have a fascination with Amanda Bynes that borders on the messianic. Somehow, though, we never have enough time to cover all the subjects we want to cover, so A-By and her much-maligned eye webbing is cast by the wayside. But we love her so much that this kind of negligence cannot and will no longer stand.

Therefore. Knowing full well that this may cause Amanda Bynes to call us a) fat, b) ugly, or c) ugly-fat,  here’s a recent conversation we had about our girl and her mysterious birth defect.



Episode 3 is live! There’s a lot we couldn’t fit into this episode, including a meditation on “What Would Amanda Bynes Do?”, but, you know, once we started talking about Naked Walt Whitman it was hard to stop. So here are some footnotes for the episode, in no particular order:

-Andre the Giant was 7’4″, and Kristian Nairn, the guy who plays Hodor on GoT, is only 6’10” – a wimp in giant country.

-There’s no entry for “fluffy cows” on Wikipedia – YET – so we relied on the Wall Street Journal for our research.

-Darque Tan is a tanning chain in Minneapolis. Its name is preposterous. We are inviting you to help us figure out the proper pronunciation!

-Isn’t it so cool that Samuel Beckett the Playwright drove Andre the Giant to school?! Also did you hear us throw down that rhyme?!