Episode 10: Power Rangers, Naked Yoga, Where’s Waldo and more!

What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia is 10 Episodes old! We celebrated in style by eating fancy cupcakes and drinking Cristallino (not to be confused with Cristal, which is over $100 more expensive.

A few updates/additions since the shoot:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – First of all, you really owe it to yourself to rewatch the original theme to this show. It’s freaking amazing.

The show was silly and we were both probably too old to be watching it, but how can you deny yourself the pleasures of a robot/ninja/Saved by the Bell -esque after school show? Unfortunately, the MMPR also has a dark side. Many of its young actors left the show because of salary disputes. Amy Jo Johnson aka The Pink Ranger told Sharon Osbourne in an interview that they were non-union and had to do many of their own stunts. David Yost aka The Blue Ranger left the show after being harassed about his sexuality by the show’s producers.

Where’s Waldo?: What more can be said about Waldo except this fanfiction, which Kristin read on camera and this video, narrated by a faux Werner Herzog.

The Tick – According to Wikipedia, the comic version of The Tick’s superhero is “nigh invulnerability”, superhuman strength, “drama power” and oxygen independence. Many of those coincide with the powers of an actual tick.

Taco Bell – Kristin dated herself by using the slogan “Run for the Border,” which apparently hasn’t been in use (thankfully) since the mid-1990s. The current slogan is “Live Más.” Wikipedia says that “Yo quiero Taco Bell” was introduced in 1976, but we recall it being used more recently as well. And much like the diet of a real Gilligan’s Island, we’re pretty sure that feeding a chihuahua a taco from taco bell would end in some serious diarrhea.

In which we get schooled by Wikipedia.

A friend of ours once asked, “Does What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? have a Wikipedia page?” and our minds were blown. So last night, in a sweaty apartment with a box of wine, we attempted to do that very thing. Despite being huge fans of Wikipedia, we discovered that we actually didn’t know anything about editing a Wikipedia article. We attempted to add What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? to the article Wikipedia in Culture under the sub-heading Wikipedia as Comedic Material.


Wiki entry, we hardly knew ye.

As we were clinking glasses to celebrate, our email got a message that said we were indefinitely banned from editing Wikipedia because our addition violated the rule that said entries can’t be commercial or self-promoting. To which we said, touche, Wikipedia, because pretty much everything we do is self-promotion these days. Interestingly, our self-promotion involves fangirling about Wikipedia, but much like a strict dad, Wikipedia stood his ground, our entry was removed and we were grounded for life. We totally understand why this happened and yet have the brain hurts when thinking about how most entries about, say, Jenna Marbles, were made by someone else and  are therefore promotion but not self-promotion. Yes, yes, we know Jenna Marbles is 10,000x more popular than we are, but having a Wikipedia page is most definitely a kind of promotion, even if you didn’t make it yourself.

So let’s make this a learning opportunity, says we. We realized we never actually looked up the Wikipedia page for Wikipedia. Everyone knows that  crowd-sourced encyclopedia has a whole host of problems (i.e., us) and the real mission of Wikipedia is to have a free, crowd sourced, correct encyclopedia. And, just to defend ourselves here, we never made anything up, at least not in our Wikipedia addition. As their on Wikipedia page says, Wikipedia has been made fun of numerous times in television shows and music based on this editing problem, that there have been many posts that are straight up incorrect and that sometimes, people get away with it. Lastly, we were interested in this chart, which shows the statistics for the typical regular contributor to Wikipedia (in 2009).

You’ll notice we fall into the minuscule female section. Also, what the shit is the age group 31-85? Wikipedia is slacking on their categories a little bit here.

Just food for thought. Although Wikipedia is open sourced, there are watchdogs, as we found out the hard way. But it’s also quite obvious from this chart that in terms of gender (and familial lifestyle) that writers and editors of Wikipedia articles are coming from a small group of people.

So, does it matter who edits Wikipedia? Have you (our viewers and readers) ever edited or created a page for yourself or someone else? What was your experience?

Outtake: Homestar Runner

You guys, whatever happened to Homestar Runner? We get super (Strong) Sad not when we think about how much time we wasted in the early-mid aughts watching these videos instead of going to class (who needs college, yo?!?!?!), but when we think about how much time we COULD be wasting NOW if the site were still live and making videos like this.

Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel, can you hear us? Or rather, can you hear our insanely (in)accurate impressions of TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR? If so, come back. Oh please, oh do come back!