Behind the Music: The Pork Chop Express

Hi everyone, Kristin here. At the end of Episode 6, there’s a snippet of a song called Mission by The Pork Chop Express, fronted by two dudes very close to my heart, Reinhardt Suarez (who is also the intrepid co-host of Episode 6) and Wes Alexander, composer, musician and all around creative genius. The Pork Chop Express is named after the truck of the same name that appears in the movie Big Trouble in Little China, starring Kurt Russell.

I always compare The Pork Chop Express to Tenacious D, though their projects go beyond music. They’ve collaborated on a combo book + album, which you can buy at everyone’s favorite megastore. For a mere $2.99, you get the downloadable novel. At the end of the book are instructions on how to get a free download of their album with the same name, The Green Ray of the Sun. Most recently, Reinhardt and Wes are collaborating on a Twitter serial story based on the Sesame Street movie Follow that Bird.

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