Episode 8: Reunited (and it feels so good)

Oh, Hello!

After a long and fruitful hiatus, during which Sally disappeared into the wilds of southern Minnesota, the founders of What Did You Look Up are back together for the biggest and best episode of all time. Check it out:

No, but seriously, possums should scare the shit out of you if they don’t already. Did you know that, in addition to possessing certain bifurcated members, they’re also immune to snake bites? And, to prevent attacks by predators, they release foul-smelling odors from their anal glands?

Which is all to say, if possums are not the Chuck Norris of the marsupial family, we don’t know who is.

And on another note, if you pee a little bit when you’re laughing too hard, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Though you probably should worry a tad, since giggle incontinence isn’t that common in adults. Wikipedia says it’s a huge source of fear, shame, and embarrassment, but we would kindly like to inform Wikipedia that all of life is a source of shame, fear, and embarrassment, so maybe Wikipedia doesn’t have to be so harsh about it.

Anyway, there will be outtakes all week. Kristin and Sally are thrilled to be back together. So thrilled, in fact, we wet our pants.

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