Episode 10: Power Rangers, Naked Yoga, Where’s Waldo and more!

What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia is 10 Episodes old! We celebrated in style by eating fancy cupcakes and drinking Cristallino (not to be confused with Cristal, which is over $100 more expensive.

A few updates/additions since the shoot:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – First of all, you really owe it to yourself to rewatch the original theme to this show. It’s freaking amazing.

The show was silly and we were both probably too old to be watching it, but how can you deny yourself the pleasures of a robot/ninja/Saved by the Bell -esque after school show? Unfortunately, the MMPR also has a dark side. Many of its young actors left the show because of salary disputes. Amy Jo Johnson aka The Pink Ranger told Sharon Osbourne in an interview that they were non-union and had to do many of their own stunts. David Yost aka The Blue Ranger left the show after being harassed about his sexuality by the show’s producers.

Where’s Waldo?: What more can be said about Waldo except this fanfiction, which Kristin read on camera and this video, narrated by a faux Werner Herzog.

The Tick – According to Wikipedia, the comic version of The Tick’s superhero is “nigh invulnerability”, superhuman strength, “drama power” and oxygen independence. Many of those coincide with the powers of an actual tick.

Taco Bell – Kristin dated herself by using the slogan “Run for the Border,” which apparently hasn’t been in use (thankfully) since the mid-1990s. The current slogan is “Live Más.” Wikipedia says that “Yo quiero Taco Bell” was introduced in 1976, but we recall it being used more recently as well. And much like the diet of a real Gilligan’s Island, we’re pretty sure that feeding a chihuahua a taco from taco bell would end in some serious diarrhea.

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