What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? The Trailer

YouTube has a space for a “channel trailer” and so we thought it was about time we created our own. Enjoy, and if you’re on YouTube, subscribe!

We also wanted to talk this opportunity to do a little reaching out to the artistic community because we love collaborating and it’s about time we said it out loud:

TO MUSICIANS: We often scour SoundCloud for music clips to play at the end of our episodes. We link back to the artist’s SoundCloud in the “About” section of the video. If you want to work with What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia, you can send an email to whatdidyoulookup (at) gmail (dot) com. We LOVE LOVE (cannot CAPS enough) using music in our videos and especially want to work more with indie artists in the future. Right now we have $0 budget so payment is in publicity only. Send us your stuff!

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS/ARTISTS: We are constantly in need of help designing things. Our website is not exactly up to par and we really want some business cards, but haven’t found the right look. So if you have an idea for some visual promotion, send it our way! Again, payment is only in promotion and publicity but you can guarantee we will shout your name from the rooftops.

And now for some of the aforementioned shouting:

Reinhardt Suarez (http://theporkchopexpress.com/) did our incredible voiceover.

KingHyenX (https://soundcloud.com/king…) did the epic trailer music.

Much love and thanks to them both!

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