EPISODE 13 TEASER: The Martinisode

Tomorrow we drop Episode 13 like a hot anvil on your heads. In the meantime, please enjoy our Glamorous and Healthy Foods Guidelines. YOU’RE WELCOME, LADIES.*

* Said in the voice of that bartender who keeps asking you and your best friend, ‘CARE FOR A ROUND OF APPLETINIS, LADIES?’

Music by Andrew Borghesani. And Oliver Twist.


As we mentioned a few weeks back, we’re having a bit of a thing with Wikipedia right now. This began when we tried to add a sub-entry about our web series to the “Wikipedia in Culture” article on the (CROWD SOURCED) encyclopedia, which seems v. natural to us, or more than natural. Indeed only right and salutary.


Here’s what it boils down to: we want everything to do with Wikipedia. Wikipedia, however, wants nothing to do with us. We are John Cusack, trench coated, blasting music above our heads into Wikipedia’s bedroom, while Wikipedia calls 911 to get a restraining order. No matter. We press on. There is dignity in courage. There is also, come to think of it, ‘rage.’

Rage was one of the steps we went through in our grieving process after Wikipedia dumped us. Or anger, as Elizabeth Kübler-Ross calls it in her Five Stages of Grief. For others who seek comfort, we have documented our Spiritual Journey here:

Note: when we say we have found ‘acceptance,’ what we mean is ‘we are scheming to get ourselves back on Wikipedia ASAP.’ Which is a kind of acceptance. The kind, IRL, that gets you arrested.


Hennepin Ave + Haiku = Henneku

Sally found this contest co-sponsored by The Loft Literary Center and Hennepin Theatre Trust. The rules were simple: Write a 350 character or less piece about Hennepin Ave. The winning submissions will be displayed on street-level windows on Hennepin Avenue between 6th and 7th streets.

So obviously: HAIKU.

Well, we didn’t win the contest, but no bitter feelings here.  We can’t wait to see what the winning artists, River Urke and Tami Mohamed Brown, came up with when their work is unveiled on Sept. 27.

We also have a Google Doc (title: Hennepin Ave, So Gr8) full of haikus that we wrote about Hennepin Ave that we want to release into the world. So we’ll be posting one a day, starting tomorrow, on our Twitter Feed for about the next two weeks. #Henneku #Minnesoetry

Here’s a little something to wet your whistle:

Walker Art Center
I lay on the lawn and dream
of internet cats

I just wrote that one. Just now. Stayed tuned for ones that are way better than that.


Episode 12: The Sodasode

We started off with good intentions. Sally had recently acquired an addiction to Throwback Mountain Dew, the kind with real sugar. So we were all like, let’s drink Throwback Mountain Dew, dress like we’re in the 80s (or what we imagined adults were like in the 80s, since we were still kids), and talk about the 80s and 90s. So Sally threw on a blazer and did Kristin’s The Cure makeup and we cracked open some baby-sized regular Mountain Dews because we couldn’t find the kind with real sugar on short notice. And then….halfway through the show we added vodka to them.

End music by carlos.otavio: https://soundcloud.com/carlos_otavio/with-arms-wide-open