A Partial List of Celebrity Guest Hosts We’d Love to Have (Geek Girl Edition)

TOMORROW, Kristin’s making her way to Seattle for Geek Girl Con (Oct 19-20), so we thought we’d take this opportunity to geek out and tell you about some of our favorite internet personalities:

Ashly Burch

Be still our hearts. Ash, as she’s known on the YouTube series she makes with her brother and friends, Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’ plays the crazy eyes to her straight man brother Anthony as they review (or “review”) video games. If you need a place to start, we can recommend the Game of Thrones, Rock Band and Minecraft videos. She was also Dany in the 3 video series School of Thrones.

Felicia Day

The queen of internet geeks! Day identifies as an introvert and proves that the label isn’t necessarily a negative one: she wrote, produced and acted in the web series The Guild, and later started the YouTube channel Geek & Sundry.

Jenna Marbles 

At first, we didn’t get the Jenna Marbles phenomenon. It just seemed like she was yelling at the camera and getting millions of hits. On the other hand, we yell at the camera and get about 15 hits a day. In some ways, Jenna Marbles simple videos were a model for us (though lately they could be shorter). Also, have you ever read the text for her videos? It’s like Virginia Woolf had 5 long island ice teas. In other words, amazing. We know that deep down Jenna Marbles is a nerd we could hang with.

Garfunkel & Oates

Now that we’re working on our first music video, we have to give props to Garfunkel and Oates, two of the many women who made being an awkward duo cool on the internet. Plus they sing about things particularly relevant to us (being of about the same age)…though we don’t think all pregnant women are smug.

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