Episode 23: Lost Youth

We shot this during finals week and so we tried to channel our inner undergraduates by drinking Miller High Life, putting on some Minnesota gear to show school spirit while we complained about Uggs, R. Kelly and Lutefisk. Just in time for Festivus!

MUSIC: “Teenage Dirtbag” cover by Sammygee.

On another note, I (Kristin) would like to share with you one of the reasons why it took so long to post this. See, back at the beginning of December, one of my friends suggested that we look up and talk about R. Kelly because Ignition (remix) was a defining song of our generation, and who can forget SPACE JAM? Nothing like Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan coming together for the good of all mankind.

Then, this article in the Village Voice came out just as I was almost done editing the episode and it kind of stopped me in my tracks. It wasn’t that it was news to me – I’d heard about these allegations when they came out. But as the title of the article suggests, [re]reading it really punched me in the gut. It put it in a new light and I wasn’t sure what we should do. It felt wrong to gloss over the dark stuff, as we often do, because let’s face it, this shit’s not funny. I wondered if I should include any of the R. Kelly section we’d recorded. In the end, I did, but I also left in things that we would normally cut if the conversation around R. Kelly and sexual assault hadn’t started up again.

I wanted to take this opportunity to link to sexual assault resources in the Twin Cities area, compiled by the Aurora Center at the University of Minnesota.

Safe and happy holidays to everyone from us here at What Did You Look Up on WIkipedia?

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