Fundraiser Update #1: Prize Tier “Hodor” and other explanations.

A video explaining a little bit about our fundraiser and one of its prizes.

Music track: “No Happy Ending Instrumental” produced by MJW Records.

Important Links to things mentioned in video:

Our Fundraiser:

The Pork Chop Express (AKA Reinhardt & Wes)

Shattering Glass by Connor Coyne

Hair Lit, Volume 1


Oh hey there. What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? is embarking on a journey. And we need your help.

Vidcon is a yearly gathering of online video makers and lovers. As both, we’d really love to go – and we’re planning on it. But we need your help! The tickets for Vidcon are $150, not to mention traveling to and staying in Anaheim. We’ve launched a fundraiser to help us get there. If you choose to donate, you can give as little or as much as you like. There are also a range of prizes, depending on your donation level. We didn’t want to let you down, so we tiered them by naming them after Game of Thrones characters.

Don’t worry, Littlefinger will not be handling any donations.

Throughout the journey, both in raising donations and traveling to Vidcon, we’ll be documenting everything, releasing new episodes and updates. We appreciate how much many of you’ve supported this project from the beginning and we’re excited to meet and learn from some other folks who make videos at Vidcon.

Episode 25: Novelties

Have no fear, our intrepid Sally will be back next week. This week, Shelley and Jen guest host in an episode where we discuss novelties from the toy, fitness and um…butt hygiene worlds.

End music: “Asshole – End Of Da World Psyche Re-Make” by Tribe Called TES is Dead: