Fundraiser Update #4: Prize Tier The Unsullied ($25)

First, a general update. We recently uploaded Episode 28, The Laverne and Shirley Episode and it is as excellently CHEESY (emphasis on the cheese) as you would imagine. On Monday, we’ll upload Episode 29, Arrested Development themed. Here’s a brief preview:

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.06.55 PM

Are you ready for our fundraiser update? This one is funnier than the last few, I promise.

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Somewhere along the line, Kristin and Sally figured out that they were Laverne and Shirley.

Think about it: one’s blonde, the other’s brunette. One’s brassy, the other’s more demure. They have adventures and cause trouble and drink a lot of beer. Sure, the show takes place in Milwaukee, but who can tell one large Midwestern city from another, am I right?!

Music courtesy of the famous user615032 on soundcloud.

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Throwback Thursday: Bristol Stool Chart, Episode 11

Because my sister just sent me this mug:


I thought it would be appropriate to take this Throwback Thursday as an opportunity to repost Episode 11, in which she guest hosts with much shorter-haired Kristin, the episode where I first learned about The Bristol Stool Chart.


HAPPY PALENTINE’S DAY, FRIENDS! We have got a doozy of an episode for you including copious Bridget Jones’s Diary parodies, Care Bears, Lupercalia and Haagen-Dazs. It’s just a little too much to Care Bear; our hearts overfloweth.

Music: “Unbreak My Heart” performed (so, so beautifully) by Tania K:

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