HAPPY PALENTINE’S DAY, FRIENDS! We have got a doozy of an episode for you including copious Bridget Jones’s Diary parodies, Care Bears, Lupercalia and Haagen-Dazs. It’s just a little too much to Care Bear; our hearts overfloweth.

Music: “Unbreak My Heart” performed (so, so beautifully) by Tania K: https://soundcloud.com/taniak-1/unbreak-my-heart-cover-by

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Fundraiser Update #2: Prize Tier “Hot Pie” and how to donate other amounts.

Guys, do you know what’s hard? Making a video by yourself. It’s like, you’d think you could channel your inner Madwoman in the Attic, but actually you get quieter and more self-conscious. How did people on the Real World do go into the Confessional Closet alone? Whilst making this video I totally forgot that the word donor was a word and instead used the word donator, which I guess is like The Terminator or something.

So in this video, Kristin gives some direction on how to contact her and how to donate an amount other than those offered by prize tiers. Karl lends a hand by “donating $5.”

Music: “No Happy Ending Instrumental” by MJW Records. https://soundcloud.com/mjw-records/no-happy-ending-instrumental

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Episode 26: A Couple of Goths

THE GOTHISODE: where we learn what Cookie Monster and death metal have in common, and why Pat Buchanan and Marilyn Manson are free to get married!

Exit music courtesy of Jelli: https://soundcloud.com/christopher-sauter/back-in-black-ac-dc-cover

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