In support of our Send Us to VidCon Fundraiser and our YouTube Channel Sally and I will be livestreaming via Google Hangouts on our YouTube channel on March 28, 10pm-12am CST, these being the last 2 hours of our fundraiser. It’ll be like a telethon, except an internet-a-thon. If you love to make or watch YouTube videos, we want your help! The idea is to spend the time chatting about your favorite YouTubers and promoting your own channel, if you have one. You wouldn’t have to be online the whole 2 hours, you can simply drop in and chat for a bit. Here are the rules:

1. You have to be on Google + (I know, I hate it too, but those are the tech requirements)

2. You must be respectful of others on your channel and in the Google Hangout. By that I mean no racist, sexist, or other -ist behavior.

3. You have to be at least 18, not because there will be any scandalous behavior but because I feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry. YoungTubers, you can still tweet us your questions, comments and channel links @whatdidulookup on Twitter!

E-mail us if you’re interested in hanging out with us on March 28. [whatdidyoulookup (at) gmail (dot) com]

Fundraiser Update #8 and Internet-a-Thon Announcement

I keep trying different angles and this one is called EXTREME CLOSEUP. Sorry, guys. In this video, hear about our most recent funders and learn important info about Friday’s Internet-a-Thon! Links galore below:

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