Once upon a time, Kristin and Sally found themselves at their neighborhood Applebee’s, wondering what to do with the rest of their lives.

That's a tater skin entering Sally's mouth

That’s a tater skin entering Sally’s mouth

See, they had just graduated from an MFA program, which is like going to summer camp for three years, and people kept telling them they should get real jobs. “Get real jobs!” the people said.

But they didn’t want to get real jobs.

Somehow they started talking about all the stuff they had looked up on Wikipedia that week. Sally mentioned she had looked up “missionary position” because her partner had assumed for the last thirty years that said position put the woman on top, and she quickly had to prove that said partner was sorely mistaken. Kristin already knew that Sally was right, and thought maybe it would be hilarious to have a YouTube series discussing things we looked up on Wikipedia.

And thus, this blog and these videocasts were born. In mid-2014, Sally decided to focus on her writing and other projects, while Kristin continues to make (slightly more sporadic) episodes of What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? with a slew of hosts, most notably Brett and Reinhardt.

We are not historians. We are not scholars. We are writers that require research into odd subjects for odd reasons, and we usually forget what we learned by the time we talk about it. This is the least educational experience you will ever have on the internet.

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