Get to know your hosts. While the regular lineup has changed over time, the show always goes on!

Current hosts: 

Kristin and Brett live in a place that sometimes colder than Mars on an almost yearly basis. This makes for some really good video-making conditions, though it usually doesn’t make their jokes funnier. They met circa 2013 via the poetry community and have been making fart jokes ever since.

Guest hosts/past hosts:

Reinhardt writes, edits, and teaches writing to impressionable minds in the tundral hinterlands of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He would also like you to know that if you ask him if he’s a god, he will say “yes.” In fact, he will say “yes” to most things, such as swarthy pirates, certain moldy cheeses, and Abraham Lincoln. Wait, he’s recently changed his mind about Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe gets a “no.” Also getting a “no” are jock straps, lobster bibs featuring lobsters who do not have bibs on themselves as well, and kumquats. Kumquats? Yes, kumquats. He means “no, kumquats.” Read his oft dangerous musings at

Sally is a writer and artist living in Minneapolis. She writes the Loosely Literal for the Loft Literary Center. Sally does a billion different things, so the best way to keep up with her is to follow her on Twitter!

Megan (Episode 11, Episode 38) is Kristin’s sister.  She currently works as a pediatric nurse practitioner in Fort Worth, TX.

Peter (Episode 5)

Kate (Episode 18)

Christine (Episode 7) received her MFA from the University of Minnesota and is a swimmer, collagist, and poet who currently lives in New Jersey.

Isaac (Episode 14) edits the culture and politics blog Parabasis and co-founded and co-edits the website StageGrade. Isaac has magical hair and currently lives in New York.

Shelley (Episode 25) does a great matronly Wisconsin accent. Kristin met her in improv class at Huge Theater.

Jen (Episode 25) is a Nordeast gnome. She was also in the aforementioned improv class with Kristin.

Elena (Episode 36) earned her MFA from the University of Iowa and is the biggest Twin Peaks fan you’ll ever meet.

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