We’re baaaack. It’s been over a month since the AWP (Associated Writers and Writing Programs) Conference was here in Minneapolis, so naturally we wanted to do a writers’ episode. Also naturally, it took over a month to get to editing it.

Skip your English class and watch this video! Just kidding, there’s time for both. In this episode, we discuss Shakespeare’s son Hamnet (well, actually, just his name), Books, Fonts, Robert Frost, and Emily Dickinson.

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Episode 40: The Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High

Thanks to this episode, we will forever have the theme song from the TV show Baby-sitters Club in our heads. The alternate skit that got cut was “Toy-Crazy Stacey” (a riff on the book Boy-Crazy Stacey). In this version, Stacey is obsessed with sex toys. That one didn’t make the cut, but we thought you guys should know.

If you aren’t familiar with these 90s mainstays, The Baby-Sitters Club was a series of books (and then a TV show and then a movie) which featured a group of goody two-shoes middle schoolers who formed a, you guessed it, Baby-Sitters Club. In true ensemble fashion, they each hold to a certain stereotype. Everyone who read these books wanted to be Stacey or Claudia, but in reality we were all Mary Annes and Mallorys.

Sweet Valley High was the grown up sister series to BSC who was already going to house parties and sipping on Smirnoff Ice. It featured blonde twins Elizabeth and Jessica who lived in the Valley, never got pimples, and had lots of drama. It was The Hills Before the Hills. Enjoy it, kids.

Episode 7: Dirty Jerz

It’s Geek Week on YouTube! And even though we’re not popular enough to be officially highlighted, we’re going to ride the hashtag coattails. Next week, Sally will be back for Episode 8, but this week Chrissy stepped up to the plate. Chrissy Friedlander is a writer, teacher, advocate and all around great person. Most notably (for the purposes of this episode), she is a New Jersey native who is returning there after three years in Minneapolis. We’ll miss her, but wish her the best of luck and are very happy that she agreed to fill the guest host seat this week:

Dark Ride – A dark ride is any enclosed amusement park type ride, typified by the Tunnel of Love. Props to Danika Stegeman, who read poems from her manuscript entitled Dark Ride, inspiring Kristin to look this up.

Books by dictators – While there is no official entry with this title, Kristin had heard that lots of dictators wrote books from the aforementioned poetry reading, where writer Mark Ehling brought this to everyone’s attention in an essay.

Carlos Danger – If you’ve been living under a rock, this is the alias that Anthony Weiner used when sexting.

Stay tuned for a ridiculous amount of outtakes this week.