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In Episode 3 (up on Monday!), we fall down the rabbit hole of craft popsicles, thanks to the hit (non)cookbook of the summer, People’s Pops.

The above treats are a strawberry-balsamic bonanza that, in addition to the aforementioned ingredients, use simple syrup and lemon. Which reminds us, why not just call simple syrup what it really is, Thick ‘n Nasty Sugar Water?

So if you want to make these popsicles, here’s what you have to do. Hull and purée a bunch of strawberries (1 lb). Add a fat splash (6oz.) of Thick ‘n Nasty Sugar Water and a tiny splash (1 TB) of lemon juice. STRAIGHT FROM THE LEMON, OBVI, because that premade shit is nasty. Then add the balsamic (2 oz) in, like, a drizzly way, a little at a time, so it’s kind of marble-y. That way no poor soul gets a whole vinegar popsicle, because no one wants that, unless you’re having an enemy over for frozen treats and in that case be our guest.

Then just pour it into whatever you want your popsicles to look like. We have real ice pop molds but why not try something more subversive, like tin cans? Just don’t cut your lip because that would be sad/you might die.