Episode 50: FRIENDS

Wow. Once again, it only took me half a year to get a new episode edited. Just in time for the end of 2016! This episode is so appropriate for several reasons: 1) I’ve spent more than half a year working on a project about Friends (1994-2004) in my PhD program and 2) It’s our 50th episode! The milestone deserved a celebration of What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia’s journey. If I keep up this pace, you can look forward to our 100th episode in another 3 years!

EPISODE 13 TEASER: The Martinisode

Tomorrow we drop Episode 13 like a hot anvil on your heads. In the meantime, please enjoy our Glamorous and Healthy Foods Guidelines. YOU’RE WELCOME, LADIES.*

* Said in the voice of that bartender who keeps asking you and your best friend, ‘CARE FOR A ROUND OF APPLETINIS, LADIES?’

Music by Andrew Borghesani. And Oliver Twist.