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We are still looking for panelists for Geek Girl Con! Geek Girl Con is held October 11-12 in Seattle. The topic of our panel is THE INTERSECTION OF HUMOR AND FEMINISM (more creative title TBA), and we’re looking for panelists with diverse careers, interests, and artistic experience. If you’re interested in joining us, the panel proposal is due May 31, and we’re hoping to finalize our peoples by May 26. That way you guys can have input on the proposal too. Please email us if you’re interested or know someone who might be.


THE WOMYNSODE. (Vibrator Not Included)

In honor of Women’s History (Herstory) Month, we dressed up as Sappho and Anaïs Nin, sang like Billie Holiday, and scoffed at Hollywood’s fear of the female orgasm.

Also: it’s our 30th episode! We’re old enough to rent cars, vote, drink, have children, and experience profound life regret!

Many thanks to K LA + Frankie for the music.

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Subhead: In Which Lucy and Ethel Learn How to Twerk:

See, we went to Ikea and bought two dollar martini glasses. Turns out it’s scientifically impossible to drink martinis in the middle of the day (while Daddy’s at work) unless wearing silk dressing gowns. This led us deep into the sexist naming of Ikea products, which led us to feminism, which led us to Jewel, and then to Alanis Morissette, and, at the far, far end of the road, to Miley Cyrus.

We should note that we did not go deep into Miley, in any sense of the word.

We should note, though, that we did go deep into our martinis. So much so that we ended up swimming with our bleu cheese olives.

Jewel’s live performance brought to you by mrazhat. We can only assume this is Jason Mraz’s disgruntled employee/hat.

EPISODE 13 TEASER: The Martinisode

Tomorrow we drop Episode 13 like a hot anvil on your heads. In the meantime, please enjoy our Glamorous and Healthy Foods Guidelines. YOU’RE WELCOME, LADIES.*

* Said in the voice of that bartender who keeps asking you and your best friend, ‘CARE FOR A ROUND OF APPLETINIS, LADIES?’

Music by Andrew Borghesani. And Oliver Twist.