Helping one of our own

Hello What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia family, Kristin here. I haven’t posted in a while (that’s normal), but I’m writing you today to ask for help if you can spare it. One of my frequent collaborators, Brett (of, most notably, Yoga Episode fame) is struggling right now. You can read more of the story on the GoFundMe site and if you have a little to spare, it would help out a lot. Thank you in advance, Internet Family!

Fundraiser Update #2: Prize Tier “Hot Pie” and how to donate other amounts.

Guys, do you know what’s hard? Making a video by yourself. It’s like, you’d think you could channel your inner Madwoman in the Attic, but actually you get quieter and more self-conscious. How did people on the Real World do go into the Confessional Closet alone? Whilst making this video I totally forgot that the word donor was a word and instead used the word donator, which I guess is like The Terminator or something.

So in this video, Kristin gives some direction on how to contact her and how to donate an amount other than those offered by prize tiers. Karl lends a hand by “donating $5.”

Music: “No Happy Ending Instrumental” by MJW Records.

Fundraising Website:


Oh hey there. What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? is embarking on a journey. And we need your help.

Vidcon is a yearly gathering of online video makers and lovers. As both, we’d really love to go – and we’re planning on it. But we need your help! The tickets for Vidcon are $150, not to mention traveling to and staying in Anaheim. We’ve launched a fundraiser to help us get there. If you choose to donate, you can give as little or as much as you like. There are also a range of prizes, depending on your donation level. We didn’t want to let you down, so we tiered them by naming them after Game of Thrones characters.

Don’t worry, Littlefinger will not be handling any donations.

Throughout the journey, both in raising donations and traveling to Vidcon, we’ll be documenting everything, releasing new episodes and updates. We appreciate how much many of you’ve supported this project from the beginning and we’re excited to meet and learn from some other folks who make videos at Vidcon.