Episode 31: St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a little late, but we’ll make it up to you with limericks.

Music snippet from “I’ll Tell Me Ma” as performed by Lauzeta.

We reference some things that our younger viewers might not have heard of, so here are some links to the Wikipedia pages of Joey Buttafuoco and Abba’s song Fernando. Consider yourselves Wikipeducated.

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Send Us to VidCon Update #6

Our fundraiser deadline is a little less than 2 weeks away and we’re at $710! In the spirit of cross-promotion, we wanted to tell you about some of our awesome funders and their projects.

Want us to promote you? Go to our GoFundMe and donate! Then send us an email and let us know what you do!

Music: “You’re Awesome” by Matt Britton: 

Links to our funders’ websites/projects:

Peace of the Earth Farm

Shiloh Threads

Island Provisions

Humble Farmer

TOP Vietnam Veterans

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins

Christine Friedlander

The Pork Chop Express


I’ve been making update videos but I’m going to recap what this is all really about for those just tuning in or those who don’t know us in person.



 We are pure romance make YouTube videos.

A: We’re Kristin and Sally and we have a video series called What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia?. We make episodes about once a week and post them everywhere on YouTube, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook. We also post shorter “outtakes” and other random fun things we’ve made in these same places. Our recent episodes are thematic and involve some skit or parody material as well as tipsy discussion about various topics. Really, you just have to check some out to see what I’m talking about.


A: This summer, we’re going to VidCon, a yearly gathering of YouTube artists and fans. We’re hoping to meet some pros and connect with other artists. Unfortunately for our budgets, the entry fee is expensive ($150-175) and the convention is in Anaheim, CA, which means we have to buy plane tickets and stay in a hotel. So we’re hoping to get as much extra help as possible. And that’s where you all come in. If you like what we do, please consider donating $5 to help us get to VidCon. We have more details on our GoFundMe site. If you have trouble with this site, please e-mail us.


Prize Tiers are something that people use on fundraising websites to get people to donate. You DO NOT have to claim a prize. You can donate any amount you like by clinking on the link that says “or donate other amount.” Furthermore, some prizes have a limit on how many people can claim them, such as the $300 level (a personalized song). If it is not yet claimed it will say 1 of 1 available. If it is claimed, it will say 0 of 1 available. If there is no indication of how much of a certain prize is available, that means there is no limit. So for example, everyone who donates $5 will get a shout-out on the show. There’s no limit to the number of people who can receive a shout-out or a personalized card. Again, if confused, e-mail us! Or if you know us, you can give us a call or text.

THAT’S IT, REALLY. I’ve been posting update videos with examples of some of the prizes we’re giving out at different levels as well as just some general updates on the show. You can find all these fundraiser update related videos in a playlist on our YouTube channel.


Send Us to VidCon Update #5: Prize Tier Onion Knight ($50)

Trust me when I say that you don’t want to miss this one.

If you’d like to request a 1 minute dance party to the song of your choice, go to gofundme.com/whatdidyoulookup and donate $50 or more! There are also lots of other prizes at lower amounts or you can choose to donate out of the kindness of your heart.

Music: “Une Petite Chose” by The Pork Chop Express & “The Harlem Shake” by Baauer

Fundraiser Update #4: Prize Tier The Unsullied ($25)

First, a general update. We recently uploaded Episode 28, The Laverne and Shirley Episode and it is as excellently CHEESY (emphasis on the cheese) as you would imagine. On Monday, we’ll upload Episode 29, Arrested Development themed. Here’s a brief preview:

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.06.55 PM

Are you ready for our fundraiser update? This one is funnier than the last few, I promise.

Hey!! If you’d like to send us to Vidcon to meet other hilarious people AND so that I can start my Old People at Vidcon Tumblr (seriously, the average age of attendees is like 22) donate some dolla dolla billz right here: gofundme.com/whatdidyoulookup.

Fundraiser Update #1: Prize Tier “Hodor” and other explanations.

A video explaining a little bit about our fundraiser and one of its prizes.

Music track: “No Happy Ending Instrumental” produced by MJW Records.

Important Links to things mentioned in video:

Our Fundraiser: http://www.gofundme.com/whatdidyoulookup

The Pork Chop Express (AKA Reinhardt & Wes)

Shattering Glass by Connor Coyne

Hair Lit, Volume 1