Episode 25: Novelties

Have no fear, our intrepid Sally will be back next week. This week, Shelley and Jen guest host in an episode where we discuss novelties from the toy, fitness and um…butt hygiene worlds.

End music: “Asshole – End Of Da World Psyche Re-Make” by Tribe Called TES is Dead: https://soundcloud.com/tribe-called-tes-is-dead/8-asshole-everybody-poops-re

Episode 24: Mythical Creatures

Over the holidays Kristin and now two-time guest host Reinhardt (you may have seen him in Episode 6 telling everyone why the drummer for Aerosmith is the best job), visited Reinhardt’s grandmother and parents, who proceeded to tell us about a pretty epic Filipino monster, the kapre, who’d moved into one of their relative’s vacant home. Doing some more research, we realized that there were enough legendary creatures on Wikipedia to make 100 episodes. But we just made one.

A big shout out to Matt (@mrapol), who tweeted at us to look up the Pope Lick Monster. If you want us to look something up on the show, you can tweet or email us.

Apologies for some of the technical issues such as, our demonic screaming radiator and the inconsistent lighting. We learned too late that the camera we were using shuts off every 29 (why??!) minutes when in HD.

Music: “Hodja” by The Pork Chop Express

Episode 14: Three’s Company

Come and knock on our door…it’s our first 3 person episode! Our friend Isaac was visiting from New York and he brought along a spreadsheet of things he looked up on Wikipedia. Although we couldn’t possibly fit all the ridiculousness in one episode, there will be blood outtakes galore this week.

End music:  Melted Wax Entertainment – Three’s Company Theme [Paul Wojcik No-Claps Remix]


Episode 7: Dirty Jerz

It’s Geek Week on YouTube! And even though we’re not popular enough to be officially highlighted, we’re going to ride the hashtag coattails. Next week, Sally will be back for Episode 8, but this week Chrissy stepped up to the plate. Chrissy Friedlander is a writer, teacher, advocate and all around great person. Most notably (for the purposes of this episode), she is a New Jersey native who is returning there after three years in Minneapolis. We’ll miss her, but wish her the best of luck and are very happy that she agreed to fill the guest host seat this week:

Dark Ride – A dark ride is any enclosed amusement park type ride, typified by the Tunnel of Love. Props to Danika Stegeman, who read poems from her manuscript entitled Dark Ride, inspiring Kristin to look this up.

Books by dictators – While there is no official entry with this title, Kristin had heard that lots of dictators wrote books from the aforementioned poetry reading, where writer Mark Ehling brought this to everyone’s attention in an essay.

Carlos Danger – If you’ve been living under a rock, this is the alias that Anthony Weiner used when sexting.

Stay tuned for a ridiculous amount of outtakes this week.

Episode 6: Sharknado, Flowbee, The Wilhelm Scream and more!

After a week’s hiatus, What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? is back with a guest host! Reinhardt Suarez is a writer, freelance editor and a founding member of The Pork Chop Express, the band featured at the end of this episode. This week’s drink was the whiskey sour, drunk out of coffee mugs because we’re classy like that. Stay tuned this week for outtakes, additions and corrections!

Episode 5: Chicago Style

What Did You Look Up on Wikipedia? was all over the place this week. Sally is at the Anderson Center, working on her novel and Kristin was galavanting in Iowa City and Chicago. So we tried our hand with an episode on the road, with a guest host filling in for Sally.

About our guest host: Peter Jurmu is the incoming editor-in-chief at Artifice in Chicago. He was introduced to Kristin by fellow poet Carrie Lorig who said, “Peter’s always sending me stuff he looked up on Wikipedia.” Well, that was endorsement enough for us. Kristin picked up a 6 pack of Anti-Hero IPA, which she calls “Hulk Beer” because of the green fist on the can and went to Peter’s apartment in Logan Square.

Do you want to be a guest host or just a guest on our series? If you live in the Twin Cities, or might be passing through, send us an e-mail at whatdidyoulookup (at) gmail. You can also just send us awesome things you looked up, and we might talk about it in an episode! And stayed tuned this week for more info about the things in this episode!