Sangria Gelatine Shots!

One of the things that we consumed during our last episode (edit-in-progress) were these sangria gelatine shots. We’re using the e at the end of gelatine because that’s how Knox gelatine spells it, but it still looks like a suspiciously un-American spelling …


(from Big Red Kitchen)

We like this recipe because it doesn’t actually contain jell-o brand gelatin, which in addition to being made of beautiful horse hooves has a crap ton of sugar. All of the sweetness in these sangria shots comes from the booze and fruit juice inside. And it still has beautiful horse hooves, but what else are you going to do with those hooves anyway? ┬áThis recipe calls for Cointreau, which for you dummies out there (guilty as charged) is triple sec, a liqueur made from bitter oranges. Kristin replaced the way-too-expensive Frenchy Cointreau with Durango Triple Sec. So now she has a shitload of triple sec in her fridge, if anyone wants to come over and make whatever else you can make with it. Margaritas? She made these in a mini-muffin tin coated with a little cooking spray so that they were easy to pop out. They make the perfect dome-shaped booze gels that you can eat in two bites.

We used these babies to toast to Walt Whitman, Amanda Bynes and Hodor….but you can use them for whatever you want.