Episode 24: Mythical Creatures

Over the holidays Kristin and now two-time guest host Reinhardt (you may have seen him in Episode 6¬†telling everyone why the drummer for Aerosmith is the best job), visited Reinhardt’s grandmother and parents, who proceeded to tell us about a pretty epic Filipino monster, the kapre, who’d moved into one of their relative’s vacant home. Doing some more research, we realized that there were enough legendary creatures on Wikipedia to make 100 episodes. But we just made one.

A big shout out to Matt (@mrapol), who tweeted at us to look up the Pope Lick Monster. If you want us to look something up on the show, you can tweet or email us.

Apologies for some of the technical issues such as, our demonic screaming radiator and the inconsistent lighting. We learned too late that the camera we were using shuts off every 29 (why??!) minutes when in HD.

Music: “Hodja” by The Pork Chop Express