As we mentioned a few weeks back, we’re having a bit of a thing with Wikipedia right now. This began when we tried to add a sub-entry about our web series to the “Wikipedia in Culture” article on the (CROWD SOURCED) encyclopedia, which seems v. natural to us, or more than natural. Indeed only right and salutary.


Here’s what it boils down to: we want everything to do with Wikipedia. Wikipedia, however, wants nothing to do with us. We are John Cusack, trench coated, blasting music above our heads into Wikipedia’s bedroom, while Wikipedia calls 911 to get a restraining order. No matter. We press on. There is dignity in courage. There is also, come to think of it, ‘rage.’

Rage was one of the steps we went through in our grieving process after Wikipedia dumped us. Or anger, as Elizabeth K├╝bler-Ross calls it in her Five Stages of Grief. For others who seek comfort, we have documented our Spiritual Journey here:

Note: when we say we have found ‘acceptance,’ what we mean is ‘we are scheming to get ourselves back on Wikipedia ASAP.’ Which is a kind of acceptance. The kind, IRL, that gets you arrested.