Hennepin Ave + Haiku = Henneku

Sally found this contest co-sponsored by The Loft Literary Center and Hennepin Theatre Trust. The rules were simple: Write a 350 character or less piece about Hennepin Ave. The winning submissions will be displayed on street-level windows on Hennepin Avenue between 6th and 7th streets.

So obviously: HAIKU.

Well, we didn’t win the contest, but no bitter feelings here.  We can’t wait to see what the winning artists, River Urke and Tami Mohamed Brown, came up with when their work is unveiled on Sept. 27.

We also have a Google Doc (title: Hennepin Ave, So Gr8) full of haikus that we wrote about Hennepin Ave that we want to release into the world. So we’ll be posting one a day, starting tomorrow, on our Twitter Feed for about the next two weeks. #Henneku #Minnesoetry

Here’s a little something to wet your whistle:

Walker Art Center
I lay on the lawn and dream
of internet cats

I just wrote that one. Just now. Stayed tuned for ones that are way better than that.


Outtake: Amanda Bynes

You wouldn’t know it from watching our full episodes, but we have a fascination with Amanda Bynes that borders on the messianic. Somehow, though, we never have enough time to cover all the subjects we want to cover, so A-By and her much-maligned eye webbing is cast by the wayside. But we love her so much that this kind of negligence cannot and will no longer stand.

Therefore. Knowing full well that this may cause Amanda Bynes to call us a) fat, b) ugly, or c) ugly-fat,  here’s a recent conversation we had about our girl and her mysterious birth defect.